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Show-Me Chefs Season 4

TV-G | 1 h | Reality-TV | TV Series | (2019– )

In the most ambitious season yet, eight new Chefs from around Missouri compete in the brand-new GreyRocks Event Center kitchen, with surprises and twists that will keep them guessing all the way to the championship.


  • Chef Paul Allen—Farm 2 Counter

  • Chef Jody Easter—Mama Jean's Natural Market and Deli

  • Chef Marty Lowry—Twin Hills Golf and Country Club

  • Chef Lorelei Morris—Bread + Butter

  • Chef Jessica Owens—Magnolia Square Nursing

  • Chef Kimsha Rosensteel—Honey Chile' Please

  • Chef Zach Smallwood—The Wheelhouse

  • Chef Holland Wilson—Van Gogh's Eeterie

Show-Me Chefs Season 3

TV-G | 1 h | Reality-TV | TV Series (2017– )

In its third season, Show-Me Chefs introduces new surprises, eight new chefs, and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to spice up the competition. 


  • Chef Joseph Cope—JJ's at the Copper Pot
  • Chef Anna Davis—365 Flavours
  • Chef Joey Fiddick—Big Easy Grill
  • Chef Brian Isaacs—HyVee Market Grille
  • Chef Tommie Kelley—Branson Convention Center
  • Chef Kym Matney—Lost Signal Brewing Company
  • Chef Thomas Robinett—Old Kinderhook Resort
  • Chef Daniel Stern—CB Social House

Show-Me Chefs Season 2

TV-G | 1 h | Reality-TV | TV Series (2016– )

Show-Me Chefs returns for another epic battle between eight more of the Show-Me State's culinary masters.


  • Chef Kong Chiu—Amazin Asian
  • Chef Deejay Ball—Nonna's Italian Café
  • Chef Kevin Blankenship—Student, OTC
  • Chef Branden Dinger—Pappo's Pizzeria
  • Chef Nick Hanna—Gailey's Breakfast Café
  • Chef Kyle Houston—Fire and Ice
  • Chef Michael Old—Tower Club
  • Chef Trini Sandoval Pina—The Fremont Memory Center

Show-Me Chefs Extras

TV-G | 1 h | Reality-TV | TV Series (2019– )

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